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The Power Cut

  This is an interesting story about my family. It happened in 2008. After supper, when I was reading books in my bedroom, my mum was working on the computer and my dad was watching the football match on TV, all the lights suddenly went out. The computer and the TV were powered off. Mum couldn’t turn it on. She got upset. “Oh bother! I could hardly find the data,” she complained. Dad got bored. “I cannot watch the football match!” he groaned.
  “What happened?” I asked.
  “There’s been a power cut!” Dad found a torch. I thought it was funny.
  “What can we do?” said Mum.
  Suddenly, I had an idea. “Let’s play hide and seek, okay?” I asked Mum and Dad. They agreed with me.
  Dad was the “it”. He wanted to catch me and Mum. I hid in the chest. Mum hid behind the door. Dad began to count: “one, two, three, four …” My mum thought it was not safe behind the door, so she left the door and hid in the bath tub. When Dad was looking for us, he was so close to me that I could feel his breath. But he did not search the closet. That’s why I escaped from being caught. And Dad did not find Mum as he never thought Mum would be in the bath tub. So he called, “Come out, everyone. I couldn’t find either of you.” Dad was so silly. We laughed and laughed.
  That night the power did not come back on. Dad made a shadow on the wall with his hand. “Guess what it is,” he said. “It’s Floppy.” I laughed.
  I shone a torch under my chin. “Whoooh! I’m a monster.” Mum and Dad laughed and said it was time to go to sleep. 
  What a good night!


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