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北京大学附属中学2017-04-06 15:57:55  来源:典范英语   点击量: 收藏文章  分享:

  学生Yang Sichao
  案例说明:北京大学附属中学自2009年起把《典范英语》列为学习英语的必读教材,以下是该校初二学生在读完《典范英语》(7)Doughnut Dilemma后创作的故事片段,语言自然贴切,把人物复杂的内心世界刻画得淋漓尽致。

Dancing Dilemma

  Chapter 1 When Book Nerd Meets Dancer

  Lesley Howardell was just a normal student in Juno Middle school. She was quite smart and hard-working and always got a good grade on every test. But it was not what she wished her life to be like.
  Every time Lesley found that someone had a hobby in their lives, she dreamed that she could one day be like them. Yeah, they knew what they really wanted to do. But for her, all the expectations from her teachers and parents contained only one kind of things: studying, math contests, and so on. Lesley's friends had always told her, "You should do something, Les. It's a waste if you didn't do anything real."
  But what was real to her? Lesley had no idea. All she needed to do was to wait for the miracle to happen.
  It was quite a long time before Lesley found the answer. It was Christmas Day and every student was in the Hall to watch the show. The last part of the show was a dance. It was performed by her best friend, Luna Stephenson, who was the most excellent dancer in the school dancing club. Lesley watched, amazed. She had never seen anything like that before. It reminded her of something in herself that she had never discovered before. She felt strongly that she wanted to do something just like Luna. It was so wonderful for her to dance like that.
  But was it possible for such a girl that was usually considered as a "book nerd"?
  After the show, Lesley found Luna and asked if she could join the dancing club. Luna had never thought that Lesley would have such kind of requests, but after all, she was quite pleased and promised to ask about it for her.
  The next day, Luna told Lesley with a secret smile, "I talked to the teacher and everything is fine. Come this afternoon after school."
  Lesley let out a sigh of relief. She was now in the club and she could finally do something she wanted to. She did every single move with all her passion and love. The dance teacher, Miss Cullen, looked at the girl she had never known as a wonderful dancer before. "She is talented," she thought, "She is destined to dance in her life."
  When the music was over, Lesley looked at Miss Cullen eagerly for her comments. Miss Cullen gave her an encouraging smile and said,"Miss Howardell, I have never seen someone dance so well. But could you tell me what made your dance so unforgettable?"
  Lesley shrugged her shoulders. She had never really tried to do anything; she just wanted to dance. Maybe it was just hidden deeply in her before; but now she discovered it, that's all.
  Miss Cullen asked her to join the club as a formal member and she agreed. But there was still one thing that worried her: what would her parents say?
  She had never told them about her real feelings. Maybe Miss Cullen would think she was great, but what would they say? She had no idea. She just wanted to dance, but now she would have to face the challenge of convincing her parents, who would be, if she failed to convince them, the greatest difficulties on her way of dance.

Magic Sneakers

  学生姓名:Zi Gao, Susu Zhu, Yiming Zhao, Jinsong Hao
  学生年级:初二 实验
  开始时间:2011 年
  案例说明:这是该校学生在读完《典范英语》(7)后,受故事启发在暑假期间自己创 作的故事。这些作品均体现了作者丰富的想象力和对故事内容进行再加工的逻辑 思维能力。其中划横线的单词均为典范英语中的词汇。  


Chapter 1 George can’t jump high

  George is a junior two student.
  It was the P.E. lesson; George’s class was doing high-jump.
  George was afraid of that. He doesn’t like high-jump because he can’t jump too high.
  Each time he tried to jump across the rope, he fell down on the sponge or just tripped up by the rope.
  He was so upset about that.
  The class was over.
  George left without turning his head.
  He can nearly hear somebody teasing at him, “Hey, watch out! Don’t go flat on your face! Poor little George!”
  George went home depressed. He couldn’t even think about it, his poor little high-jump.
  He tried to jump over a pile of boxes on his way home but he failed. Suddenly, he saw a strange thing which looked like waiting for him.

Chapter 2 A magic bear and magic sneakers

  “I am the magic bear from the Magic Globe!” the strange thing made a noise. It did look like an ordinary bear, but white and see-through.
  George’s mouth fell open. He was too amazed to speak.
  The bear continued, “You can make a wish. Only one wish. Then I can help your wish come true.”
  George was surprised, but also delighted. He was frightened, too. “I wa-wan-want to jump higher, I want to pass the P.E. exam.” He was making a spluttering noise.
  “That’s quite easy, just go home and you will find a big, big surprise!”
  George had hardly time to answer when the Magic Bear disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.
  On the way home, George kept thinking about the surprise. He was dead keen on something that can help him get better grades in P.E. class.
  Before entering his own room, George saw a big pair of shoes near his bedroom door. “Ca-ca-can it be something magic?” George stammered once more. He couldn’t wait to try them on. As soon as he put on the pair of shoes, he felt fantastic. Every single step can be a jump of 1 meter high! He also felt rather proud. “I can pass the exam! Not only that, I can be the best at jumping in my class!” he said to himself. He wore the shoes to school on the exam day.

Chapter 3 George gets too big for the shoes

  Time really flies. The testing time came to the class. George couldn’t help smirking to himself. “I will be the highest jumper in our class.” George clumped to the start line.
  “Yuk! I’m sure he does talk a load of rubbish. He can’t do that. He only can make the pole creaking. Just wait and see.”
  George concentrated on the jumping and jumped over the pole easily. A blissful smile spread on his face. ‘How brilliant I am!
  He didn’t want to take off his magic shoes. He even wanted to wear it in the duvet cover.
But he thumped a lot of things in his room.
  His mom was so angry that she hid the shoes in her bedroom. However, George found it and kept treading on things like a herd of elephant.



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