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Captain Comet and the Purple Planet


  In the space station, Captain Stella was checking the space shuttle. Captain Comet was watering the plants. The robot Spanner wanted to sit at the control desk. Captain Comet said “OK,”and Spanner pressed a red button. Captain Comet was flying in the Space Station and Spanner made a mess. Then they found a new planet and they went to the new planet. Spanner made a flagpole and put it in the new planet. They went to the shuttle and looked what was that. But it wasn’t a planet. It was a space monster. They went into the asteroids and the monster stopped. Everyone was very happy because Spanner’s flagpole was in the monster’s bottom.

The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om


  There was a problem at the castle. The castle was very dirty. The King wanted to clean the castle but the Queen said: “Never!” And she put a paper in the door. The paper was about cleaning the castle but nobody wanted to come because the castle was very dirty. One morning the Queen saw the King and his Captain cleaning the room. The Queen was cross. She told them to go on a quest while she was away. Then she went away and the Princess stayed in the castle.
  One day, three ladies came to the castle and cleaned the castle. Then the castle was beautiful. The Princess saw the ladies and thought they were burglars. She put them in a room and put the key away. One lady said she was her dad and told the thing to her. Her friends came to play in the castle and the castle was dirty again. Everyone was happy.

The Ghost Ship


  One day Ernie was late for school. He went to the playground and saw a ghost ship.
  Ernie was very excited. Mrs Wiggins went to the playground and told Ernie not to tell the children. But Ernie still told this to four children in his class. The four children ran to the playground in the play time, but they didn’t see the ghost ship except the little girl Jade. Ernie told Jade about Captain Pegleg’s treasure and wanted Jade to help find the treasure. They took Jade’s dad’s metal detector and looked for Captain Pegleg’s map and found the treasure. In the end they gave the treasure back to Captain Pegleg. At last, the ghost ship began fading away.
  A ghost seagull cried. But nobody heard it except Ernie and Jade and Mrs Wiggins.

Amy the Hedgehog Girl


  At home Amy told her mum about the school thing. “A lady gave us a talk on wildlife and she showed us a hedgehog. I’m going to become a hedgehog expert,” said Amy. Her mum told her to go to the library to find some hedgehog books. Then she went to the library. She didn’t want to see Mr Peck because Mr Peck was a mean and miserable sort of person. Amy didn’t like him. There were lots of books in the library. She looked along the shelves, trying to find a book on hedgehog. “What are you doing?” said a voice. “Oh! It’s Mr Peck. I was looking for a book about animals.” “What animal?” asked Mr Peck. “Hedgehogs,” said Amy. “Hedgehogs! I don’t like hedgehogs because I think hedgehogs are so ugly and so lazy!” said Mr Peck. Then he found the book for Amy. Amy was so happy and went home. Amy read the book and found out that hedgehogs ate slugs and snails. She knew the sounds of hedgehogs. Amy ran to the garden and made hedgehog noises. Then a voice came into the garden. It was a hedgehog. Amy was so happy to see a hedgehog. When Mr Peck saw that, he had a bad idea. He put a paper into Amy’s door. The paper said: “Give Mr Peck one pound. Then you can go to see the hedgehog girl!” Soon lots of people gave Mr Peck one pound and they went to see the hedgehog girl. Amy was cross. Then she had a good idea. She climbed on the wall and shouted: “All the money you have given tonight is going to a hedgehog hospital. Let’s clap. Everyone clapped for Mr Peck. But Mr Peck was cross. This is not quite the end of the story. Amy had a race for Mr Peck. It was a vegetable race. Then Mr Peck won third prize. He was so happy that he bought some food for the hedgehogs. In the end, everyone was happy. The hedgehogs were happy too.

Blackbones Saves the School


  It was the first day of term at Abbey Park School. Class 4 sat in neat rows. They sat up straight. The Head, Miss Lupin, had told them to wait quietly for their new teacher.
Suddenly, the door flew open and the new teacher strode in. Everyone gasped because the new teacher was a pirate. His name was Blackbones, Captain Blackbones.

  They started with Art and they painted a skull and crossbones on the classroom door. Then Tara had an idea. She told Blackbones that the swimming pool was like the sea and Blackbones told everyone to go to the swimming pool. But Class 3 had already gone with Miss Lupin into the swimming pool. Then the children of Class 4 ran and jumped straight into the swimming pool. Miss Lupin and the children of Class 3 were angry. After that, Miss Lupin told Blackbones to leave the school. Blackbones was very upset. The children were upset too. They had lots of ideas of how to help him but no idea was good. Suddenly, Tara had a great idea. She told Blackbones to make and draw some treasure maps and to sell them and make a lot of money. Blackbones told Tara the idea was really good and he liked the idea. So they made the maps.
  In the afternoon, Blackbones sold the maps at the fair and in 10 minutes he had £100. But Miss Lupin was cross because it was too little. Suddenly, the PE teacher found a treasure box that said it was for Miss Lupin. Miss Lupin was so surprised because the treasure was for her. Blackbones didn’t know what was happening but he didn’t tell anyone about it because it was a secret. In the end, everyone was happy.


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