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Happiness Is Around Us

  Recently, I read a book called Princess Pip’s Holiday. It is such an interesting book that I couldn’t help finishing it in one go.
  This story is about Princess Pip and her holiday with her royal family. When Princess Pip discovered that she was going to a castle, as boring as her home for her holiday, she just wanted to go home. However, during the holiday, her maid Daisy showed her how much fun the seaside could be. Pip found herself not having a thought about going home ever after.
  In the story, the protagonist Pip usually complained, “it’s boring.” Is life really boring? I do not think so. We children are just like flowers. We should smile to the world with an active heart when the first sunshine of the day gently touches our sleeping eyes. We should not think everything is boring; instead, we should try to see the world in another way. Don’t think our world is black and white. In fact, the world is colourful. We may have many problems and be in a bad mood, however, with a positive attitude, we can finally find happiness like Princess Pip did.
  Happiness is around us all the time, isn’t it? It has no shape, no colour and no weight. It cannot be seen or touched, but everyone wants it very much. People try to pursue happiness in many ways. Some think money means happiness, so they try their best to make much money; some believe that knowledge can bring them happiness, so they study very hard; some others find good health is the root of all happiness, so they take part in all kinds of sports and games.
  I am sure that you will get happiness in three ways. First, help others. Lei Feng sets a good example for all of us. He served the people wholeheartedly till the last minute of his life. He regarded serving the people as the happiest thing in the world. We can find lots of other similar examples. Second, be loved by others. Encouragement from our parents when we are frustrated, help from our friends when we are in trouble etc., all of these will make us the happiest one in the world. Last but not least, act happily. Putting on a happy face and thinking about interesting things are helpful in leading to our happy feelings.
  Happiness is precious, but it is easy to get. Let’s go and find it together!

英国专家Wendy Pillipich博士点评:
  This is a well-written and thoughtful piece of work. There is intelligent and appropriate use of idioms and the ideas are well-presented.


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