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   案例说明:Draco自初一第二学期起学习《典范英语》,以下是她初二在读完《典范英语》(7)Pioneer Girl: The Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder后写的一篇读后感,文笔流畅,思想深刻,体现了作者对人生、生活的深入思考。

   Home is Never Far Away from Us

   Laura Ingalls Wilder was a pioneer girl. She lived in old America, a wild place a hundred years ago. This meant she and her family had to make everything on their own. Unfortunately, life was difficult and dangerous at that unpeaceful time. People could smell cold and hunger everywhere in the air. But Laura’s family were still together to fight for their life. They confronted and beat all difficulties.

   Maybe you will be curious: How? How could they do this? The answer is exactly under your nose but perhaps you overlook it — they built a home for each other.

   Nearly everybody has a home. But the significance of the home to Laura and to us is totally different. As in the 21st century, life is not as hard as before. Very few people die of hunger. Animals are usually protected in the forest or the zoo so people will not get hurt. But in the 19th century, life was hard and harsh. There were wolves outside the house and bears hiding in the forest. Every step to the outside was deadly. So for Laura’s family, home meant safety and protection. “If we are together, we are happy.” They once said. Although life brought them darkness, they could build their heaven, where father still played his fiddle, mother still prayed, and the children still danced and sang hallelujah.

   However, in that cold winter, one sister died. All the happiness ended, and all hearts were broken. What would they do then? Actually every generation will be replaced by the next generation. Everybody will die someday. No one can save Acts of God. What we have to do is to live our lives to the full. People can’t live in memories all the time. Looking ahead is the right choice. So they did. With all their tears and love, they buried the little sister, and also buried the past. They had to say farewell to the past and turn around to face the reality.

   What’s more, they had a home. Whatever happened to them, home was still there, allowing them to cry and giving them comfort. For them, home was where spring never ended and people never felt cold. Home was where there was mother’s white hair and father’s warm arms. Home was where they could close the eyes and sleep safely. Home was where they didn’t have to pretend. Home was where the lights were always on …

   I’m lucky that I have a home. I have already moved home five times. Every time when we arrive at a new house, my parents always take a photograph and hang it on the wall. Whenever I see the photo, I know I am protected. My home is the brightest star in my life; it gives me all I’ve got.

   My dear friends, have you ever tasted loneliness? It can’t be a sweet memory. Sometimes it may be even one of the worst parts in your life. Life is long and unpredictable. A lot of factors in life may separate you and your family apart. When you are far away from home, will you always recall those beautiful memories of home? The answer must be yes. I used to have the same experience. I always dreamed that I was not so far away from home. But every sweet dream always ends with waking up. So I put my home in my heart and tell myself it is right there waiting for me. For those people who left home, please remember home is never far away from us. Wherever you are, however you live, home is always right there with a warm light, because love lives long.


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